About ISMM

ISMM, Indian Society of for Medical Mycologists formerly SIHAM (Society of India Human and Animal Mycologists) took shape to respond to a long felt need for practitioners and research workers in the fast emerging fields of Medical and Veterinary Mycology. Professor S.M. Singh took on the mantle to establish this society in affiliation with ISHAM during its XII congress in Adelaide, Australia in March 1994. The objective of the society was dissemination of knowledge in the field of Mycology, to increase awareness, to help in laboratory development and to conduct multi-centre research on fungal diseases. The society as SIHAM was finally registered under the societies, Govt. of Delhi on the 17th of October 1995. The change in title of the organization as ISMM was initiated and completed due to the efforts of Dr. Niranjan Nayak in 2020. Since then the new logo has been designed and used for all official communications.

All the office members since the inception have contributed immensely to the cause and the leadership teams have spearheaded the society and have taken great strides. The strength of ISMM is its member body. It started with a mere 30 members in 1995, has grown and expanded to include 488 life members spanning across various institutions both academic and non-academic.

In February 1996, the first ISMM [SIHAM] Conference was held at the Department of Biological Sciences, R.D.University, Jabalpur. It was a great success. Since then the conference is held as a biennial event. The delegates are drawn from the length and breadth of India and always has the cream of experts and faculty members representing the best global minds participating and sharing knowledge. Thus far, 13 conferences have been hosted and over the years has emerged as the single biggest event of this nature in the field of clinical mycology.

Spread the news and educate the medical fraternity has been the motto. In this endeavour, publishing the newsletter was initiated by Dr.A.Chakrabarti in 2000. It is published twice a year. It is now ably led by Dr. Savitri Sharma. She and her entire team have been diligent and extraordinarily committed in ensuring that we all get the copy of this wonderful knowledge resource.

ISMM has been striving hard to encourage young scientists and faculty to pursue research questions in all areas of medical mycology that are relevant to our country. Awards have been instituted to bring out the best among the researchers. It includes the G.P. Agarwal - Young Scientist Award, Dr. Pankajalakshmi Venugopal - Glaxo Meritorious Award and the Dr. Kamalam Glaxo Award. Prof. S.M.Singh, introduced the G.P. Agarwal - Young Scientist Award in honour of his mentor and teacher Prof. G.P. Agarwal, an eminent scientist and mycologist.

ISMM is proud to salute and honour members who have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to the cause of the Medical Microbiology in India. The Dr. M.J. Thirumalachar Life Time Achievement Award for such eminent members was made possible by generous contribution from Dr. Arvind A. Pandhye, a fore runner in the field of mycology in India.

ISMM today stands at the threshold of further growth and enhancement. With the deep commitment of everyone who has been and will be associated, ISMM will continue to grow and impact the field of clinical and diagnostic mycology.


To empower laboratories to offer the best services in the field of diagnostic mycology and help clinicians in the management of fungal infections


In the field of diagnostic and clinical mycology, disseminate knowledge through education, develop diagnostic laboratory facilities, undertake multicentre studies to overcome gaps in the knowledge of country specific mycoses, and recommend their management.